Where Did You Get That Name

We are a Cleveland, OH based Classic Rock  band together since 2001.  A friend wanted a band at his wedding. He asked if I would play. That would have been perfect except I didn't have a band at the time. I said the only reasonable thing I could.....Sure I will "Wyng-It" !!!  I would like tell you it was like magic...but that would be a stretch. We did the wedding and started booking some local gigs with the original band including still member Rick Kennedy Guitar and Vocals ,Matt Suveges, Bass, Darrel Browning, Guitar, , Terri Everett Vocals and me , Rick Keane

About a month into it, our guitar player decided he could not make a long term commitment so he bailed. We had gigs lined up! I am sure that is a familiar story to many.  As luck would have it, I ran into George Brumfield (Current Lead Guitar and Vocal at a local jam night , introduced myself and asked him if  he would be interested in sitting in with us for a gig or two....That was 15 years ago!!!!   John Kovach joined the band as Bass Guitarist in 2003.  A few years into it our drummer Jimmy Zadravec had to drop out so we managed to get by on drummer by committee for quite a while with Bill Griffith, Mike Hudak, Scott Hune , Rob Garruccio and Current Drummer Jim Siters since 2013.

We're still Wyng(ing)-It!!!!!